Social Media Enthusiast

I love social media. I never had a lot of friends when I was younger and I still to this day hate talking on the phone. Connecting over the web seems like it was designed for me. I am all over the place and have multiple accounts on some sites for each blog or web presence. Here is all the places you can find me (that I’m at least somewhat active.)

 Call. Ramb.  SMS Book  GGB
 FACEBOOK Personal Account is Private Callista’s Ramblings SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews Great Gaming Blog
 TWITTER  @callista83  <———
 GOOGLE+  Kathleen Garber Callista’s Ramblings
 LINKEDIN  Kathleen Garber
 PINTEREST  Kathleen Garber (callista83)  <———  <———
 STUMBLEUPON  callista83
 YOUTUBE  KaylanaAnaya