About Me

Kathleen the Professional

I never had a chance to go to college or university and get a degree but I always wanted to. I love learning new things and I consider myself self taught for a lot of things. I’ve just recently starting considering myself professional, a professional blogger that is. Blogging is not just my hobby, it’s my full time job. If I could find more time to write, I’d like to get into freelance writing at some point or perhaps write for a magazine but so far I like working for myself.

Kathleen the Wife and Mom

My wonderful husband Frank is a funny guy and he cares for me which is what attracted me to him. He supports my blogging which is very important.

I have five children. My children are Connor (2004), Morgan (2006), Alastrin, (2007) Liam (2011) and Aria (2014). I love being a mother. I have taken my children to a playgroup (parents stay while kids play) since 2006 and it has really helped their social skills and school readiness.

Kathleen the Girl Guide Leader

I’ve been a Girl Guide Leader since 2001 but I helped out in different units for 12 years before that (as a child) as well as was a Brownie and Girl Guide myself.  I also help run a week of Summer Camp every year. As a Girl Guide Leader I empower girls and young women to learn about themselves, develop self confidence, learn to lead others, care about our world and find the path they want to take in life.

Kathleen – Personal Me

I am a huge bookworm although I haven’t read as much lately with my children and blogging commitments. I prefer nonfiction though. Until recently, I averaged 80+ books a year, 80% of that nonfiction. I’m not very crafty although I’ve done some scrapbooking and I am interested in photography but haven’t been able to pursue it much. I love Spanish as a language and after taking some classes in high school, have been slowly teaching myself and my children here and there. I love animals, especially dogs. We currently have one dog and one cat but we’ve had other pets over the years. I like to cook, and have taught myself that too. I love recipes for ideas but never follow them to the letter, I prefer to make it up as I go. I am an advocate for Mental Health as I have personal experience with it.

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