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Thanks for your interest in getting in touch with me. I prefer email contact but which email address you contact me depends on what you are interested in.

General Inquiries:
(use this email if your message involves me in general and not one specific blog or if you aren’t sure)

What I Offer:

  • Reviews (Products, Services, Local Events, Stores and Restaurants)
  • Giveaway Hosting
  • Sponsored Posts (Advertorial)
  • Blog Advertising
  • Guest Post Spots on My Blog (with personal links only – no company pages)
  • More – talk to me about your idea

Callista’s Ramblings (Parenting/Family Life with Reviews)

Media Kit available upon request. PR page details my review team and what I accept.  Email

SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews (Nonfiction ONLY, any age group)

Contact page details what I look for in a book review pitch. Email

Biannual Blogathon Bash (blogging marathon homebase and blogging/social media posts)

Accepting sponsors for the blogathon’s prizes and guest posts, review and sponsored posts that fit into the blogging/social media theme. Email

Great Gaming Blog (Game Lovers)

Accepting products for review and ambassadorships. Email