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Callista’s Ramblings – callistasramblings.com (est. 2003)

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Informative posts and reviews/giveaways on parenting/family, house/home, food/cooking, pets, health, family entertainment and life in general (anything of use to a woman and/or family)

I consider this my main blog even though it was technically created second. Callista was my online alias when I was a teen, before I used my real name online. I was 21 at the time it was made and blogs were still new. If I had started it more recently, i would have chosen a more unique name.

SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews – smsnonfictionbookreviews.com (est. 2005)

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I just recently decided to focus on my main love, nonfiction although or any age group. Mostly book reviews, with a few giveaways, guest posts and general reading/book posts thrown in.

Originally just SMS Book Reviews when I reviewed mostly nonfiction and children’s books (picture books to YA). SMS stands for Sun, Moon and Stars which was the name of my geocities webpage in the 90s.

Biannual Blogathon Bash – biannualblogathonbash.com (est. 2012)

NOTE: I sold this blog so while it’s still there and I started it, it’s run by someone else now.


Great Gaming Blog- greatgamingblog.com (est. 2013)

Gaggle of GamersAbout:
For lovers of all types of games such as board games, card games, video games, online games, computer games, pen and paper games, party games, children’s games and more.

My most recent blog, launched September 2013 but has been in the planning stages for a while before that.